Friday, January 8, 2010


Who knew child labor could bring such fun! It's not only have my boys who have enjoyed helping out with the new floor, but my husband has enjoyed employing them. I guess boys, no matter what age, find it entertaining to pound nails hour after hour.

After finishing flooring our living room, my husband has moved onto the kitchen. We tore up the linoleum to find that the builder of our home did a bang up job, literally! He did exaclty what he was supposed to do--put a layer of plywood on top of the sub-floor and then glue the linoleum to it. Only thing is someone went happy with the staple gun! There were literally staples every half inch on every single piece of sub-flooring. It was more time efficient to hammer them into the wood than to try and pull them all out, and the boys had fun doing it!


Today was our first snow of the year, and yes school let out early for the whopping 1-3 inches we were expecting. Those of us in the south apparently have no idea how to drive in such extreme weather conditions (are you laughing yet my northern friends?).

Not only does the falling white stuff make us drive like extreme idiots, the impending doom has as running to the grocery store to empty the shelves of bread, milk, and toilet paper. You wouldn't want to be stuck in your house for twenty-four hours without such things now, would you?

I hope all of those who have had some real snow this year can appreciate the gentle flakes on the holly bushes outside of my home. I know I saw much more of this flaky white substance when I was in Colorado for T+L back in October!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I had difficulty finding something inspiring to take a photo of today. I spent all day entering data on excel sheets, and tomorrow will be more of the same. It needs to get done, but it is part of my job that I dread. I really need to relax once I got home, and this just felt right tonight. Besides that, I think this has taken over as my favorite wine.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today I got a phone call from my old school saying I had a package there from my friends at BrainPOP. As the day ended I made my over to get what I thought would be some promos to give away at my next inservice I did on BrainPOP. To my surprise the secretary had opened the package and the staff was hoping that I wouldn't pick it up. So, all I can say is thank you! The t-shirt and hat are great, and the gift card will go to great use.

Monday, January 4, 2010


After three days (or so) the living room floor is basically finished. Next week we tackle the kitchen floor, and after that who knows. Hubby has said we are doing the entire house now. YIPPEE!


So, our house has been quite a noisy place for the past two days. Our cats have been hiding wherever they can. Lucky found a spot under the six-year-old's tree. I just had to snap a picture. I think it is the only place that was quiet in our entire house.


Today is the day! We are pulling up the carpet and beginning the installation of our hardwood floors. So, you can see where the inspiration came from. I can't wait to see what it turns out like!


The first photo of the challenge is very fitting for me, this is a stretch. I have been absolutely horrible about keeping my professional blog updated. In fact I think I have a total of ten posts. This is Scruffy, named by my six-year-old, stretching--exactly what I will be doing with this blog. Posting daily will be a challenge, but I'm up for it!